Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Invest in Our Kids

On Tuesday, May 3, we have a chance to reverse the downward slide in support for education in Washtenaw County. Our tax money provides 12% of the funding to serve young people (from kindergarten through age 26) in our County who have special educational needs. Renewing the special education millage will help all of the children in our local schools.

If the millage isn't renewed, our kids education will be in even greater jeopardy than what looms from the proposed $170 cut in per student funds from the State this fiscal year and a cut of as much as $300 per student next year. We need to find a way to reduce the State funding cuts, too. But, for now, we can start by supporting the renewal of the special education millage.

For more information, here's a link to a recent online article at

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Guide to Michigan's Tax and Budget Issues

We Involved Voters want to do our homework and learn about the issues facing our State.

Here's a link to a reference that should make it easier: It's the work of the Center for Michigan, and Detroit Public TV.

For example, did you know that State revenues are down 12% since 2001 and State spending is down 16% since 2001? To find out where the money comes from and where it goes and how Governor Synder's proposal would change that, follow the link above.