Thursday, October 22, 2009

Term-limited as State Rep - Candidate for State House

Pam Byrnes has been untiring in her efforts to serve those of us in her district, the 52nd, and to address the needs of Michigan as a whole. She's built up an impressive store of knowledge about state government and uses it effectively. She is currently Speaker Pro-temp of the Michigan House of Representatives-- the choice of her colleagues.

All of this will be lost to us because of term limits unless we work to get Pam Byrnes elected to the State Senate from the 18th District. Our current State Senator is also term-limited and that creates an open seat.

There will be a coffee hour with Representative Byrnes Monday, November 2, 9:30 AM at the Chelsea Senior Center, 512 E Washington Street in Chelsea. It's another opportunity to talk with Pam about your concerns as Involved Voters and to support her in her plans to run for a seat in the State Senate.