Friday, June 27, 2008

Dreaming of an IV-covered Township

Involved Voters (IVs) - I'm hoping there will be lots of them in Lima Township this election season.

Involved Voters know that there is a Primary Election coming up on Tuesday, August 5. They know where to find information about who's running for which Federal, State and Local offices and they get to know the candidates.

This blog was inspired by my decision to put my name on the ballot for Democratic Precinct Delegate for Lima Township, Michigan. The decision was reinforced when I attended the Western Washtenaw Dems' "Meet the Candidates" forum yesterday evening (June 26) at the Chelsea Depot. I'll use this blog to share information with those of you who are aspiring IVs.

For starters: There are two Democratic candidates running for US Congress 7th District: Sharon Renier and Mark Schauer. Both have a lot to offer and you can learn about them at and