Thursday, February 4, 2010

Republican Support for Congressman Mark Schauer

Is Republican talking points crafter and Wall Street consultant Frank Luntz losing it?

He used a photo of our Democratic Congressman (7th District) Mark Schauer and his wife, Christine, who are small business owners in a memo on how to kill Wall Street reform by making it seem like it would hurt small business owners. (Luntz's specialty is calling things by names that grab people by the emotions and short circuit their reasoning ability - for example "death taxes" for the estate taxes that the very rich pay.)

Here's a link to the story on YouTube.

I think Luntz' goof is good for Mark. Lots of Republicans in the 7th admire how hard he works for people in the district and what a contrast his grasp of the issues is to his GOP predecessor's regurgitation of empty talking points. Schauer is a keeper. But, expect lots of Club for Growth and other big bucks to be flowing in to try to defeat him.

Let's let them know they can't buy Involve Voters' votes!