Friday, July 30, 2010

Research - antidote to 11th hour, negative robo-calls

Involved voters counter last minute, negative robo-calls with research. Want to know a candidate's platform. Here's an example of one place you can look:

The Detroit Free Press said this about is a nonpartisan, educational Web site designed to facilitate those conversations. The product of a collaboration between Detroit Public Television, the University of Michigan-Dearborn and the Center for Michigan, the site attempts to redefine voter guides. has published traditional candidate profiles, along with demographic data and statistics on individual districts. What makes unique, however, is providing a common platform for more than 200 candidates in open seat races to address voters directly. Candidates must address four key issues the state faces: what they'd do about the economy and job creation, their views on education, their approach to balance government budgets, and their agenda, if any, for reforming government in Michigan.

By viewing videos, voters have the chance to experience each candidate, hear his or her views, and chat with other voters on the candidate's message and qualifications. In addition, people can post their own videos, expounding their own views of the key issues facing Michigan, and what they, as citizens, think should happen.'s mission also extends to education, offering a curriculum guide and suggested lesson plans, so teachers can take the message of civic responsibility into the classroom and prepare future voters.
Please take the time to inform yourself - and to vote in the Michigan primary, Tuesday, August 3.