Tuesday, June 29, 2010

August 3rd Primary - Your Vote Counts!

July will zip by. So, it's not too soon for Involved Voters to take a look at the Michigan Primary ballot. Just go to MIVote and put in your voter information to see a sample ballot.

Mark Schauer is running unopposed in the Primary for a second term as 7th District Representative in Congress. If you're in his district, show your appreciation for all he's done by casting a vote for him in the August 3 Democratic primary. He'll have a battle in the General Election with Republicans pouring in the big money to try to defeat him.

Pam Byrnes, who has lived and worked in Washtenaw County for 35 years, has a wealth of knowledge and skill gained from 3 terms as 52nd District State Representative. She's term-limited as a Representative, but we Washtenaw County residents still have a chance to benefit from her leadership in the areas of jobs and education by voting for her in the Democratic primary race for the State Senate.

Christine Green is an excellent candidate who's not afraid to tell you where she stands on the issues facing Michigan. She's a Democratic candidate for the MI 52 District seat that Pam Byrnes is leaving. Voting for her in the August 3rd Primary is the best move to keep the 52nd's seat in the Democratic column in this fall's General Election and avoid the Republican's brand of "bipartisanship".

Adam Zemke is a Democratic candidate for County Commissioner - 1st District. Developing the local economy, increasing government efficiency and preserving essential services are the main points of his platform. He's a good choice for Involved Voters living in Washtenaw County's 1st District

And remember to look for the Democratic Precinct Delegate slate. Delegates serve as your local connection to the Washtenaw County Democratic Party.

Please be sure to request an absentee ballot from your city or township clerk if you plan to be away on vacation August 3 or are eligible for one for another reason.